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The Higher Power of Lucky By Susan Patron Illustrated by Matthew Phelan This is the story of a ten-year old girl named Lucky Trimble, who is living in a very small town called Hard Pan in California. Lucky’s life has been anything but lucky: her father left when she was little, and her mother died […]

By Jerry Spinelli First grade babies! Second grade cats! Third grade angels! Fourth grade…RRRRRATS! Fourth Grade Rats is the story of a boy named Suds Morton who is entering the fourth grade. According to the schoolyard nursery rhyme, the fourth graders are known as rats. Suds doesn’t like the idea of going from a third […]

The Jacket


by Andrew Clements In the Jacket, a sixth grade boy named Phil gains a new perspective and awareness of the racial situation in his town, and becomes more cognizant of his own possible prejudices. One day while running late to school, he sees the back of his brother’s jacket and runs to catch up with […]

by Mildred Pitts Walter Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World is about Justin’s struggle in a single-parent household filled with sisters to shape his path to manhood. Justin feels like cleaning and cooking are “woman’s work”, and he wants to part in it. Luckily, Justin is not completely with an adult African American […]



by Paul Fleischman Seedfolks is another multi-perspective story by Paul Fleischman like Bull Run. It tells the story of a garden formed on a vacant lot in Cleveland, Ohio. Starting out as a trash-filled dump, the garden becomes a place of great pride and value. Seedfolks demonstrates the carefully craftsmenship and expertise in storytelling for […]

By Eleanor Estes The Hundred Dresses tells of a little girl named Wanda Petronski who lives in a less affluent part of town called Boggins Heights with her brother and father. Wanda’s and her family, who are immigrants to the United States from Poland, are poor. This story is as much about the struggles faced […]