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By William H. Armstrong Sounder is the story of an African American family in the era of sharecropping post the abolition of slavery in America. The story is about told primarily with a focal point on the thoughts and experiences surrounding the family’s oldest son, although I found that the story isn’t really about him […]

Discovered, Edited and Illustrated by Robert Lawson Ben and Me is captivating cross between historical fiction and fantasy. On the front cover, the reader realizes they are in for something unique when the author is attributed as “discovering, editing, and illustrating” the book, but not actually writing it. In the book’s opening, Lawson includes a […]

Show Way


By Jacqueline Woodson Illustrated by Hudson Talbott On the front cover, we see a dark background compiled of various photographs of African Americans from the times of slavery. Including among these images is are snippets of text referring to the movement to abolition slavery. There’s a diamond shaped cut out in the middle of the […]

Bull Run


by Paul Fleischman Woodcuts by David Frampton Fleischman’s Bull Run is a skillfully crafted piece of historical fiction that employs the technique of multiple perspectives. Fleishman tells about the events before, during, and after the Battle of Bull Run during the Civil War. Sixteen different points of view are included, providing the reader glimpses from […]