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by Gerald McDermot Arrow to the Sun is a Pueblo Indian tale adapted and illustrated by Gerald McDermott. McDermott’s illustrations are highly contrastive combinations between blacks and bold oranges, reds, and yellows in the first half of the book. Although this color palette remains the predominant one throughout the book, a more rainbow-look is introduced […]

by Robert D. San Souci pictures by Jerry Pinkney The Talking Eggs is a retelling of a folktale based on a Creole story from Louisana. It tells the tale of a kind-hearted girl named Blanche who lives with her horrible mother and sister that treat her like their slave. One day after returning with water […]

By Shirley Climo Illustrated by Ruth Heller “Long ago in Korea, when magical creatures were as common as cabbages…” This Cinderella story takes place in Korea hundreds of years ago and tells the story of a girl named Pear Blossom. When Pear Blossom’s mother dies, her  father marries a windowed woman who has a daughter […]

By Rafe Martin Illustrated by David Shannon The Rough-Face Girl is an Algonquin Indian Cinderella story told by Rafe Martin. In the story, we learn of a girl who’s appearance has been maimed the ashes and embers from forcibly tending the fire.  In this Cinderella version, instead of a Prince Charming all of the girls […]

By EDCON Publishing Group The Classic Children’s Tales Collection on Audiobook is an interesting compilation of short traditional tales. Musical accompaniment helps set the mood for the different stories, and the use of different voices help the listener separate narrator and different characters as well as maintain engagement. In total, there are forty-five traditional tales […]

By Rafe Martin Illustrated by David Shannon Like The Rough Face Girl, The Boy Who Lived with the Seals is another production of the joint efforts of Rafe Martin and illustrator David Shannon. In this story, Martin tells a Chinook Indian legend  of a five-year-old boy who disappears during a tribe’s spring migration and ends […]