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by Paul Fleischman Seedfolks is another multi-perspective story by Paul Fleischman like Bull Run. It tells the story of a garden formed on a vacant lot in Cleveland, Ohio. Starting out as a trash-filled dump, the garden becomes a place of great pride and value. Seedfolks demonstrates the carefully craftsmenship and expertise in storytelling for […]

Bull Run


by Paul Fleischman Woodcuts by David Frampton Fleischman’s Bull Run is a skillfully crafted piece of historical fiction that employs the technique of multiple perspectives. Fleishman tells about the events before, during, and after the Battle of Bull Run during the Civil War. Sixteen different points of view are included, providing the reader glimpses from […]

presented by Paul Fleischman and Kevin Hawkes Sidewalk Circus is a wordless story “presented” by Fleischman and Kevin Hawkes. In this wordless picture book, the imagination of a child is explored as everyday people and happenings are viewed in a peculiar way. The Garibaldi Circus is coming to town, and a child sees this advertised […]



Westlandia by Paul Fleischman tells the story of a little boy named Wesley, who dares to be different. I love how Fleischman characterizes Wesley – he is truly the epitome of the type of ingenuity and creativity that all great inventions and discoveries depend on. Yesterday was National Inventors Day (and also Thomas Edison’s birthday), […]