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by Robert D. San Souci pictures by Jerry Pinkney The Talking Eggs is a retelling of a folktale based on a Creole story from Louisana. It tells the tale of a kind-hearted girl named Blanche who lives with her horrible mother and sister that treat her like their slave. One day after returning with water […]

by Mildred Pitts Walter Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World is about Justin’s struggle in a single-parent household filled with sisters to shape his path to manhood. Justin feels like cleaning and cooking are “woman’s work”, and he wants to part in it. Luckily, Justin is not completely with an adult African American […]

Illustrated by Tom Feelings And accompanied by thirteen major poets’ responses to his art work This project is a unique collaboration between renowned African American poets and one of the most successful African American illustrators. Tom Feelings was the first African-American to be awarded a Caldecott Honor for his illustrations. It includes poems by: Maya […]