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by Gerald McDermot Arrow to the Sun is a Pueblo Indian tale adapted and illustrated by Gerald McDermott. McDermott’s illustrations are highly contrastive combinations between blacks and bold oranges, reds, and yellows in the first half of the book. Although this color palette remains the predominant one throughout the book, a more rainbow-look is introduced […]

by Robert D. San Souci pictures by Jerry Pinkney The Talking Eggs is a retelling of a folktale based on a Creole story from Louisana. It tells the tale of a kind-hearted girl named Blanche who lives with her horrible mother and sister that treat her like their slave. One day after returning with water […]

Owl Moon


By Jane Yolen illustrated by John Schoenherr Owl Moon tells the story of a girl and her father as they go “owling” for the very first time. “Owling” requires going out at night-time in search of an owl  and using owl calls and quiet stalking to find one. Yolen uses repetition to add emphasis (“…like […]

By Alice and Martin Provensen Clacketa, Clacketa, CLACKETA! CLACKETA! CLACKETA! The Glorious Flight tells the true of a French man named Louis Bleriot who longed for flight and had many attempts at creating a flying device in the beginning of the 20th century.  The remarkable thing about Louis Bleriot is his boldness at a time […]

Retold by Arlene Mosel Pictures by Blair Lent The Funny Little Woman is a retelling of a tale originally by Lafcadio Hern. Blair Lent’s illustrations in this piece earned him the Caldecott Medal in 1973. Upon researching more about Lent, I learned that in another retelling of one of Lafcadio Hern’s tales Mosel and Lent […]

Written & Illustrated by Don Freeman Fly High Fly Low is the love story of two pigeons named Sid and Midge (both conveniently rhyme with “pidg” as in pigeon). The story takes place in San Francisco, California. Freeman includes many famous and recognizable attributes of San Fransico in the vista-view illustrations, including: cable cars, Golden […]