Joyful Noise


In Joyful Noise, a collection of two poems for two-voices, Fleischman has created a series of poems about all kinds of insects from classics like grasshoppers and fireflies, to less known critters like requiems. In each poem, Fleischman captures the essence of the personality of each type of creature. For example, in “Book Lice”, a quirky psocid couple is portrayed through witty banter back and forth through the poem, and their unison phrases are sing-song like and playful.

My favorite poem is “The Moth’s Serenade” where a moth’s love of the glowing porch light is proclaimed for all to hear. I read this poem several times with a partner’s assistance, and the echoing of the different voice parts that agree and contrast creates a dynamic dichotomy, and facilitates the characterization of the couple as viewing themselves as different, but in actuality being very similar.


2 Responses to “Joyful Noise”

  1. 1 leslie

    Paul Fleischman shows his versatility in Joyful Noise. His use of imagery and rhythm with his lines in unison create a unique way for us to connect with the characters…and they’re bugs! He allos us to reflect on our own emotions and experiences. Children reading these poems will not only have an amazing experience with poetry and use his work as models for their own writing, but also experience the art of reading poetry aloud while developing oral fluency. I am excited to share Joyful Noise with my students!

  2. 2 Amy Moser

    Reading this collection of poems with a partner makes such the difference! If you get a chance, listen to a clip of the poems online. It is amazing how much two different voices can make such a statement of capturing the emotion, tone, and theme of a poem, while bringing the characters and their stories to life!

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