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What’s Living in Your Kitchen? By Andrew Solway This informative picture book is a glimse into the hidden, microscopic world all around us In the Hidden Life series, Solway investigates different realms of these little worlds –  other books including  What’s Living on Your Body?, What’s Living in Your Backyard?, and What’s Living in Your […]

Joyful Noise


In Joyful Noise, a collection of two poems for two-voices, Fleischman has created a series of poems about all kinds of insects from classics like grasshoppers and fireflies, to less known critters like requiems. In each poem, Fleischman captures the essence of the personality of each type of creature. For example, in “Book Lice”, a […]

I Had Seen Castles by Cynthia Rylant is the story of John Dante at the time in his life when he is just reaching adulthood. The story takes begins as the United States is forced in WWII after the attack upon Pearl Harbor by Japan. John, like many of the other young men at the […]