What’s So Bad About Gasoline?


Fossil Fuels and What They Do
By Anne Rockwell
Illustrated by Paul Meisel

This informative picture book explains fossil fuels at a level that upper elementary students could understand independently.  I actually found this book quite informative for my own purposes! The book focuses on petroleum what is, how it works as a source of energy, where its found, and its uses throughout history. The development of gasoline and the impact of the automobile on our environment are particularly provoking.

The book is filled with pictures and diagrams (like the one below) that help support in the explanation of the concepts addressed. I really like the use of talking bubbles to ask and answer questions — for example, “Are they drilling in the desert?” “Yes. There used to be an ocean there.” I could imagine children asking these very same questions while they were reading. The questions are well-anticipated.

The book ends on an empowering and optimistic note by discussing other energy options – maybe it will inspire a child to work on alternative fuel innovations!


One Response to “What’s So Bad About Gasoline?”

  1. 1 Leslie

    I love using the Let’s-Read-And-Find-Out Science books. Like you mentioned with this Anne Rockwell book, they are informative and appropriate for the learning levels of the intended audience. I recognized Anne Rockwell’s name and realized that I have used many of her books in my classroom, the first ones that came to mind were Apples and Pumpkins, Four Seasons Make a Year, and Honey in a Hive. The last two, like What’s so Bad About Gasoline? are informational texts for the curious scientists! On Rockwell’s website, she states that her work has been and is still within the makeup of her family. “I was gaining confidence as a writer. Some books I wanted to write struck me as suited to my husband’s style of artwork, particularly those having to do with the real world, which he was able to present with simplicity, grace and charm, as well as uncanny accuracy. By 1977 we were collaborating on books full time.” She has also collabora ted with her daughter and granddaughter on books. http://www.annerockwell.com/about.html

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