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presented by Paul Fleischman and Kevin Hawkes Sidewalk Circus is a wordless story “presented” by Fleischman and Kevin Hawkes. In this wordless picture book, the imagination of a child is explored as everyday people and happenings are viewed in a peculiar way. The Garibaldi Circus is coming to town, and a child sees this advertised […]

Missing May


By Cynthia Rylant In Missing May, Rylant tells the story of a twelve-year old girl named Summer who lives with her distant relatives Ob and May after her mother passes away. The story’s core is about Summer and Ob coping with the death of May. For awhile, the two subsided their true grief, feeling the […]

In The Van Gogh Cafe, I was charmed by the stylistic crafting characteristic of Cynthia Rylant’s writing in many of her picture books. Rylant’s use of unconventional constructions pulled me closely into the words – each one seeming to strategic, essential, important. The stylistic achievements gained from these unconventional constructions were obvious, but I noted […]

by Patricia Maloney Markun illustrated by Robert Casilla This picture book tells the story of the Espino family from the Panama village of Sabana Grande. Fernando, the young boy in the story, gathers materials to make own paint: “Black from the charcoal of a burned trees stump. Blue of certain berries that grow deep in […]

A West African Folk Tale Retold by Cristina Kessler Illustrated by Christian Epanya In this picture book, the West African Folk tale of Konte Chameleon is retold. chameleons changing e With the help of  Dr. Jalloh the rabbit, Konte Chameleon figures out that he can change colors and the advantages of his camouflage. The cultural […]

Fossil Fuels and What They Do By Anne Rockwell Illustrated by Paul Meisel This informative picture book explains fossil fuels at a level that upper elementary students could understand independently.  I actually found this book quite informative for my own purposes! The book focuses on petroleum what is, how it works as a source of […]