The Lightning Thief (Motion Picture)


As much as I loved reading the book, I have to say that I felt like the movie missed the mark in capturing the things that make the book so great.

I found an interview with the screenwriter of the film to try to figure out what were the motivations of the “liberties” he took while converting the book to the big screen. Craig Titley claims, “It’s always hard; it’s the hard cold reality of adapting that not everything can make it into the movie. But it still feels true to the spirit of the book.”

I disagree. And I know I am not the only one!

Washington Post — “What hurts more than little tweaks — a character here, a scene there — is the almost wholesale loss of the book’s voice. Percy’s sense of humor, as realized by Riordan, was a sardonic delight. And Percy’s literary adventures, while they could at times be violent, were always tempered with narrative wit.”

My main issue is not only the missing parts and pieces, but the new parts that were not based on the book at all. I also found the book much more engaging in that I was able to get to know the characters better – the movie seems superficial and forced in comparison. I think the movie is okay it’s own right, but only to those who have not read the book. It truly pales in comparison and leaves much to be desired!


2 Responses to “The Lightning Thief (Motion Picture)”

  1. 1 leslie

    I think it’s safe to say that we all shared in the disappointment when the movie was over. I also agree that the inserted scenes that were not in the book did not “add” anything to the storyline of the movie. Apparently our visions and mental images of Riordan’s story did not align with what Titley interpreted. I spoke with a 5th grader that went to see the movie and has been a huge fan of the books. He, too, was not a big fan of the movie. He expressed to me that he didn’t like how Titley “disrespected what the author had created.” Wow! What a critic! This student and I agreed that the movie and book did not align. His favorite character in the book was Annabelle; however, he said that he did not like the way she acted and carried herself in the movie. We had discussions about how we can respect the two works of art and understand that the story, although it is the basis of the movie, can never be depicted on a big screen the way it can be depicted in our big brains!

  2. 2 Amy Moser

    The boys and girls that have seen the movie in my class thought the movie was “good.” That’s the overall rating that I received from them. I think that they perceived the movie to be a “downgrade” from the events that occurred within the book itself, and could not understand why the two were not identical. Obviously, this was a teachable moment in discussing with my class that there will seldom be a time, if any at all, when a book and movie will be identical; however, it is up to them to determine which version captured their interest best. But it is their duty to closely examine both, and to never assume that both will contain the same story elements.

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