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By Kate DiCamillo illustrated by Timothy Ering This is the first time I have read this novel with the “eye of a teacher.” Upon my more recent reading, I found myself thinking how this book would be a great way to really guide students through the process of understanding author’s craft through the use of […]

As much as I loved reading the book, I have to say that I felt like the movie missed the mark in capturing the things that make the book so great. I found an interview with the screenwriter of the film to try to figure out what were the motivations of the “liberties” he took […]

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the adventures of Percy Jackson. The fusion of Greek mythology into the modern world creates a highly engaging and innovate story young readers. Being very familiar with Greek mythology, I wondered if this story might be less entertaining to someone without a background on the Greek Gods and their ancient antics. […]



Westlandia by Paul Fleischman tells the story of a little boy named Wesley, who dares to be different. I love how Fleischman characterizes Wesley – he is truly the epitome of the type of ingenuity and creativity that all great inventions and discoveries depend on. Yesterday was National Inventors Day (and also Thomas Edison’s birthday), […]

Little Lost Bat is an informative picture book about Mexican free-tailed bats. The story follows the realistic encounters that a newborn bat faces each day. Although it is an informative picture book, it presents the information with beautiful language and tells the story with a personal attachment to the little bat. The descriptions are so […]

Dear Readers, My name is Rachel and I am a graduate student at the College of William & Mary in the Reading, Language & Literacy Program. As I explore the world of children’s literature, come along for the ride through this blog. I would love your thoughts and comments!